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Fretcar company (starting from the bus station)
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Taxi Junior
Phone : +55 85 9660 3846
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Drive on the coast road CE085 (around 2h30)


Our most frequently asked questions

How to get there ?

By plane to Fortaleza. There are international flights everyday. From there you’ll have two possibilities : bus or car (taxi or rental).
By bus : You willl travel with the Fretcar Company (starting from the bus station at noon, to Amontada then change to Icarai).
By car : Take the coastal road 085 (2h30 roughly).
By taxi : We can get in touch with Junior who will drive you from the airport to your hôtel and take care of you until your arrival at Casa do Cajù. Make sure to notify us about the number of people and luggages. Taxi Junior  (55) 85 9660 3846

Are there any health precautions to take before the trip ?

There are no tropical diseases in Icarai nor mosquito linked diseases. No vaccination required either.
Take products to soothe sunburns, aspirin, stomach & gut medicine, and things to treat scratches and injuries (band-aids etc..)
There is no running water in Icarai, all houses & restaurant are powered by wells. Pipe water is not drinkable. There’s chlorine in it and therefore suitable for showering and washing the dishes. However, only drink bottled water.

What to bring ?

Clothes to protect yourself from the sun, sunglasses and sunscreen. For all nautical activities, lycra and sea-socks for beginners.
In Icaraì you’ll be able to find effective mosquito repellents and the iconic Havaianas !
Not all the streets are lighted, and despite rare power cuts, take a battery-powered pocket lamp.
There is no such thing as banks, ATM, or currency exchange agencies. Credit card is rarely accepted, make sure to take cash.

Is there Internet ? Can we use mobile phone ?

Since 2013, it is possible to use a cellphone almost everywhere in Icaraì. The house has wi-fi, with the higher connexion available there.

How and where to eat ?

In the small shops from the village, you’ll find groceries to have lunch, a snack or a breakfast. There are numerous restaurants. They offer meat, fish, pizzas too, for lunch & dinner.
If you take a day trip, you’ll eat at fishermen’s houses with the fish they caught during the night, along with beers and/or coconut water.
Jean Pierre, the Switzerland bakery man, delivers breakfast at home if ordered ; bread, croissant, butter, homemade marmelade and fresh fruit juices. During the day, he’ll provide you with quiches, pizzas and even special birthday cakes !

How to move there ?

In the village, everything is close, you can go anywhere by feet, buggy or car.
For trips outside of Icarai and down winding, many Brazilians offer they services : help on the shore, people and luggage transportation, meal planning at fishermen’s, buggy tour on beaches and lençois, those tiny lakes formed in the dunes during the rainy season.