The God Eolo holidays in Céara coast…

Trade winds blow from East to West all days from June to September. You will be able to have your daily kite or fun session thanks to a wind between 20 and 35 knots (side on shore) and a water at 27 degrees celsius in a 7 km long bay.

You will always find the perfect conditions for your pleasure : free ride during at low tide, or jump on the waves during hight tide.

And if you want to extent the boundaries, some other spots are available, quickly accessible in buggy, 4×4 or down wind… Caetanos, Secret Place, Moitas, Patos, rio, laggon or sea, change your location for more amazing photos.



Icaraizinho’s beach is made of 7 km of golden sand, surrounded by coconut trees. At early morning, enjoy the fishermen’s return on their jangadas, those little boats with traditional kites. Fish & lobsters caught at night are awaited by customers on the shore.

At low tide, meet and join the local families to go shrimp fishing, play on the beach and enjoy a swim while waiting for your lunch made of fishes, shrimps and grills in one of the many village’s restaurant. To have a full experience of the brazilian way of life, join the young men gathered on the beach for a soccer game played on the sand.



Icarai is an authentic fishermen’s village, far away from the stressful city life. There, you’ll have kite and fun times, wind every single day at all spots, from beginners to advanced level. You’ll also be able to rent horses, have stand up paddle sessions or choose freedom by taking a buggy tour into the dunes.

There are many restaurant in the village center, where they’ll serve you fresh and simple dishes.

At night, you’ll have the opportunity to in the dunes to watch the sunset while sipping a caïpirinha, have dinner served by the Rio, taste a churascaria before going to the Foro or Caïpi bar.